Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Show up (and bring food)

I'm not super into giving people advice unless specifically asked for it. You won't find me telling other moms how I somehow have mastered this parenting thing and how my kids are perfect or how I did this or that this way or that way, and this way or that way is obviously the right way to do things. But, here's my unsolicited advice to pretty much anyone out there: Show up (and bring food). In my opinion, that advice applies in very nearly any situation. 

The eve of Thanksgiving (today) is a fantastic time to write about showing up and bringing food. Thanksgiving is a great time to show up to an occasion with something edible (or drinkable if that's more your style). Bringing food to a joyful social gathering is an obvious application to my aforementioned piece of advice. 

I had many, many visitors during my hospital stay. So many, in fact, that I have had people tell me months later that they came to visit me in the hospital and I didn't even remember! Again, another obvious situation in which showing up is important. If someone you love is stuck in the hospital, show up (though probably don't bring food). 

Thankfully, no one brought me food in the hospital (I didn't eat anything for 10+ days), but people brought my husband and my sons food at home. The food continued after I got home. People in our lives showed up and brought us food. Hot food, cold food, frozen to-be-eaten-later food, fast food, home-cooked food. The non-cooks and distant folks sent us gift cards for food! It was amazingly wonderful that our meals were taken care of. 

That question you want to ask when someone is hurting: "How can I help?" Instead of asking, show up and bring food. Happy Thanksgiving, all. I hope all of your showing up and bringing food is in joy tomorrow. Don't forget to show up and bring food for the less obvious food/presence occasions, too! 

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